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TBWA Mumbai came to us with an interesting brief.

Creative heads from all over the world were coming to Mumbai for their annual conference on strategies for 2016- 2017 for the group

We were told that this select group had heard interesting stories about Mumbai, its traffic, street food and Bollywood. For some of them, their first visit to India.

We were really excited. They asked us to go crazy.We made a 3 day plan to bring out the finest experience of Mumbai at its best. A Bollywood film set was created at the Taj conference. We invited dancers to relive the songs coupled with live dance performances taking us through the journey of bollywood from the 60’s melodies to the current EDMs.

A private bus tour was engaged to take them through the stone walled buildings across streets of the long gone British Era in the fort area to the modern architecture
at the Worli sea link and the beautiful Marine Drive.Street food, the indomitable auto rickshaws, the local train madness and best of all the most awesome night life pubs, local bars were packed into their schedule.

The team at TBWA told us later that the Creative Gang had had an experience of their lifetime and they were circulating photos of their bizarre but fun experiences
even a month after they had returned home.