Lokmat LIVE 2014
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Lokmat LIVE 2014

Ibrands has the finest range of initiatives from media (television/print backed) to media agnostic, from ATL to BTL from individual events to large exhibitions, from digital to traditional and finally from profit to non-profit (CSR) projects.

It is no surprise that we have had a range of experts within and outside the organization supporting us through successful implementation of our goals.

Therefore, when a client, in this instance Lokmat Media sought our expertise in training the team in their experiential division, Lokmat Connect, we created a 3 night /4 day intensive modular program to achieve their objectives.

Modules included personality training, sales skills, branding, advertising objectives and execution skills for multimedia initiatives on ground.

The theme of the workshop is called ” LIVE – Learn, Innovate, Valuate, Execute ” Learn – Technical knowledge, Mgmt. techniques, Printing & Branding, Licenses Innovate – Customization, Media, Non media Integration, Trends Valuate – Budgeting, Cost/revenue Analysis, Media/Non media inputs Execute – Process, SOPs,Reporting, delegation, feedback

Attended by approximately 60 participants from all over Maharashtra..Awarded certificates for successful completion of the workshop.