TATA TRENT LTD Fashion Yatra Fashion Idol

Tata Trent Ltd – Retail venture of Tatas wanted to promote Fashion Yatra, an economy fashion garments store.

Their idea was to create opportunities of wearable fashion for the kids, youth and family in small towns.



To eliminate myths and stigmas that fashion is expensive, indecent or only for youngsters

Ensure that the TG (Youth, Kids, Family) have a first hand experience with the store and its offering.



Our roadshows to generate participation were well received in each one of the 4 locations namely Kalyan, Nanded,Sangli in Maharashtra and Ujjain (M.P.)

Families thronged the stores to check out the collection ranging 4000 – 15000 visitors.

Fashion Yatra Fashion Idol became the talk of town and the winners/participants helped through WOM (Word of Mouth) promotion